The SEDETT Project – Case Study Organisational Profiles and Base Information

This SEDETT project related base information resource is organised in the following sub-sections


  1. Project Background Information


  1. Project Case Study Organisational Descriptions


  1. Project Case Study Organisational Summary Tables


  1. Social Enterprise Definitions and Development


  1. Social Enterprise National Definitions


  1. Social Enterprise Business Models In-Use


  1. Project partners National Approaches to Governance


Partner tasks to be completed:

  • All SEDETT partners to review their own case study organisations descriptions and add in details pictures, web page links that are missing as required
  • All SEDETT Partners to check the Tables 1.1-1.7 and insert any missing information relevant to their own Case study organisations
  • All SEDETT partners to check each own country’s definition and legal forms for completeness
  • All SEDETT partners to insert the name and web link of an organisations as examples of business models in-use in their own country
  • Each SEDETT partner to provide any specific information relevant on governance for their country.