Misión Urbana de Sevilla (Spain)

Misión Urbana de Sevilla (Spain) started working in the city of Seville in 1999. Misión Urbana works specially with families and its main focus is providing nourishment, cloth-ing, giving information about jobs and ways to find them and presenting collaboration projects with other institutions. Oth-erwise, we take care of children and offer them: support in homework clubs, psychological attention, camps, and social and educational workshops.
The most of the women and men who participate in this non-profit association are volunteers, with the exception of six professional technicians in the field of education, social work and psychology. We all share a series of values such as solidarity, seeing its importance in a society like ours that generates so many imbalances between people, leading in many cases to a situation of marginalization, and social vulnerability.

Starting in 2008, the Caixa Proinfancia Project began, serv-ing children from 3 years old up to 16 and their families with school reinforcement services, psychological support, socio-educational workshops, family educational workshops and camps. Since that year it has been growing and attending to a greater number of children, being 40 families in 2016.
In addition, we share the principles and values that are con-tained in the Word of God (The Bible), taking as unique and unrepeatable reference in history to the person and the work of Jesus. His life was an example that we want to imi-tate.
Finally, and as a consequence of the above, we seek the coherence that has to exist between what we believe and what we do, so we aspire to believe in what we do, to do what we say and to say what we believe.