Partners & Stakeholders


The project partnership includes eight project partners coming from seven different western, northern, central and southern European countries.  Partners are located in rural and urban environments in countries that have very different geographic, cultural, political and social characteristics. The cross sector partnership spans organisations involved in the provision of higher, further and vocational education, workplace training, community / youth counselling and advice provision. As a result the partnership includes organisations that use differing instructional modes, and address differing age groups of targeted learners. In particular, it includes one Higher Education Institution (UK), one Further/Vocational Education Institution (Ire),  three workplace training provider organisations (Lithuania, Poland, Italy) one community counselling and advice provider for secondary-education VET school (students’ age 15-45+), that also acts as an Adult Education Centre (Romania) as well two charity / community interest companies active in VET (Spain and UK), active in the field of social programs for culture, heritage, disadvantaged groups, creative learning, unemployed and youth in urban and rural areas. Despite such diversity, all partners share a common interest in social enterprise and its sustainability and are committed to the common research objectives.

Project Partners