The SEDETT Creative Learning Experiences Framework



The material generated in relation to the SEDETT creative learning framework is presented in two files namely,

  • Creative Activities Module
  • Creative Activities Tools

The material provided sets out the theories that support the processes undertaken by the SEDETT project partners to produce the creative learning activities that address soft skill development in organisations. Examples of how the SEDETT project partners executed the creative learning activities can be viewed in the file called Videos.

The creative activities module consists of the following sub-units, namely

  • An Introduction,
  • An Action Framework,
  • Developing a Structured Framework and
  • A Soft Skills Inter-Active Educational Framework

The file named ‘creative activities tools’ provides examples of actual creative learning experiences that users can use to promote organisational learning.  Each learning activity is listed separately and presented in a structured manner with a title, learning objectives, implementation plans and timings, feedback and reflections as well as sources of further information.

To find out more and use the soft skills inter-active educational framework

Creative Activities Module


Creative Activities tools